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It's the thought that counts - better living

better living
Date: 2009-05-28 11:59
Subject: It's the thought that counts
Security: Public
Join my flickr group! I just created one called It's The Thought That Counts! wherein members can share well-intentioned gifts gone awry.

Here's the description:

It's The Thought That Counts is a space for sharing those well-intentioned gifts that, for one reason or another, fell flat.

It's a space where these gifts can be appreciated by a wider audience!

We welcome a whole range of "bad" gifts - from sagging cakes, to tacky clothes that are the wrong size, to art from your kids or relatives. Anything!

This is not a mean-spirited group (kids often make "bad art" - and it's charming!), and we hope that if someone posts a gift you've given you won't be offended. Your heart was in the right place in giving it, after all. And that's what counts.

I don't even have an icon for it yet.
I thought of this last week, and couldn't decide if I wanted to make it like a one-theme tumblr blog.. but in the end flickr seemed most logical. If you have suggestions, sock 'em to me!

My next step is to do lots of searching on flickr, and then request that people add their items to the group.
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