Winter Mix

This was meant to be a fall mix. But now it's winter. So it's a winter mix.

picture of rain to indicate winter:
Rainy day

wintermute -download-

I didn't muss with the metadata of the songs, so the order may come out to be whatever. But I did put them in an order. If you feel like making a playlist to set the order to what I intended, here is the order.

If you don't feel like doing that, I'm sure everything will be okay.

Notes: this is examples of some of the stuff I've been listening to lately (it's not really representative, though, since at least 50% of what I listen to is hardcore punk, and there's none of that on here). The first few songs are nearly entirely synths and drum machines.

Does anyone have more Kilowautthours? I also have a 7", but it's early stuff and is unspectacular post-punk. I like this travels in constants vol.17. Are there really 16 other volumes?!

Summer Mix - Material Sensations

(cross posted to my other cartoon blog thing that's basically hidden on my website and nobody reads)

Here's a mixed cassette tape (psych!) that I made, all on computer for you to give a listen. This is what I've been into lately. I think it's a good mix.


Although I think it is sort of neat when songs literally blend together (but, in the end, big whoop), I don't enjoy it so much when mixes that I download are one gigantic file. I'd rather have the individual tracks. So that's how I did this. I renumbered the tracks, though, so hopefully they will show up in your playlist in the correct order. And it's up to you to turn on the magical "songs overlap by a few seconds" feature, so you can feel like your very own skilled DJ!

summer playlist

I just now named it Material Sensations. It's hard to get a theme-read out of this. A few songs seem to be about the physical appearances, and the inaccessibility, of ladies. As a summer mix, it's mostly upbeat-ish. My favorite type of upbeat song, though, are ones with minor chord melancholishness running with the beats (featured prominently in Sabali and Both Ends Burning). And I ended things with some coming down songs. One is actually called Coming Down. I like when mixes end in this fashion.

Material Sensations

It's the thought that counts

Join my flickr group! I just created one called It's The Thought That Counts! wherein members can share well-intentioned gifts gone awry.

Here's the description:

It's The Thought That Counts is a space for sharing those well-intentioned gifts that, for one reason or another, fell flat.

It's a space where these gifts can be appreciated by a wider audience!

We welcome a whole range of "bad" gifts - from sagging cakes, to tacky clothes that are the wrong size, to art from your kids or relatives. Anything!

This is not a mean-spirited group (kids often make "bad art" - and it's charming!), and we hope that if someone posts a gift you've given you won't be offended. Your heart was in the right place in giving it, after all. And that's what counts.

I don't even have an icon for it yet.
I thought of this last week, and couldn't decide if I wanted to make it like a one-theme tumblr blog.. but in the end flickr seemed most logical. If you have suggestions, sock 'em to me!

My next step is to do lots of searching on flickr, and then request that people add their items to the group.

slice of life


this one bar has a pizza place nearby, and when the pizza place closes they give their remainders to the bar. this is what happened one time when we picked up some slices of hawaiian. I sort of forgot how to draw. This was really difficult.

Free box

sort of inaccurate - I don't grab things with my right hand. But otherwise, here...

So that's ten. I started a month and ten days ago. I wasn't as prolific as I would have liked. But ten is a nice number. Tomorrow I'll make a cover, and then after that I plan to have all of these printed out in a small collection. I'll be at a table at the upcoming Portland Zine Symposium, and shall have them on hand (it's this weekend).

Yesterday I made a page/blog for these on the website that is my own.
If ever you care to share these with a friend, I think that's a better place to direct them. But it doesn't really matter a whole lot. I'll still post them here.
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